• The Sound of the Underground 31 December 2011


      by Eargasm, Lost Theory & 604.be
      • Frantic Noise 02H00 Dark Prisma Records (AR)

        Frantic appears not as something that is frenetically out of control but in relation to the shamanical state of consiousness reached colectivelly during a ceremony. Nois-e: Nois equals 'us' in portuguese, and in english is usually defined as some unwished or non intentional sound and therefore, as the opposite of music.

        Frantic Noise is Matias Benamo, born in Buenos Aires in May of 1984. From the beginning he developed high interest in technology, computers and music. His productions are easy to recognize and characterized by the fusion of different textures of music. Solid production, strong rhythms, rolling basslines, mind-bending atmospheres built in with complex synthworks result into deep & colourful journeys through sound, making it a perfect live performance for night or twilight hours, as well as for home listening.

        In 2002 he started producing trance music in colaboration with Filter in a project called Megalopsy. After the release of their debut album The Abstract Machine by Trishula Records, and several other tracks in other compilations, z1P and Filter founded Dark Prisma Records (darkprisma.com.ar), a label focused mainly on releasing fresh psychedelic tunes. His debut album as Frantic Noise, The Nordland Orchestra released by Dark Prisma Records on July '06 bombed the dancefloors around Europe and had a very positive reaction in all the psy freaks around the world. Including awesome reviews by Damion and Death Posture.

      • Megalopsy 02H00 Dark Prisma Records (AR)

        Megalopsy is Filtro and Zipriano a psychedelic exploration born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002, focused on creating musical potions designed to awake the user into awareness. Combining influences from life, nature, travels in inner and outer space, Megalopsy uses music as a tool to shape and enhance perception, exploring a wide spectrum of sound dimensions, materializing them in a psychedelic audible format, suitable for dancefloors and home-listening. Their style is unique and powerful, very easy to recognize in their productions and live performances taking its listeners to a deep psychedelic journey where other dimensions are unfolded and new realities are explored.

        After their debut album, The Abstract Machine, released by Trishula Records in 2005, they have opened their way in the local and international scene, proving the potential of the Latin American and Argentinian psychedelic trance. They have toured extensively around Latin America and Europe playing in many festivals and parties since 2006 and they continue to work on building their local scene in Argentina through parties, workshops and websites.

        In 2005 they noticed a lot of new artists were appearing in Buenos Aires so they decided to start Dark Prisma Records, a label created for nursing Argentinian and Alien psytrance. This is the home of new artists such as Pandora's Box, Will O' Wisp and Glosolalia. They also have their solo projects, z1priano is doing Frantic Noise , and filtr0 is doing Zigurat. filtr0 also works with Pandora's Box as Abyss Ooze and as Prisma for downtempo experiments.

      • Scope 01H00 Lost Theory

        Scope is a Belgian psytrance project by Yannick Thiry and MadeInRealtime. After years of experimenting and writing tracks the Scope project was born.

        Although the sound is a reflection of both technical skills and subjective understanding, this full spectral tweaked trance music will take you trough time and space! It's a true progressive trance feeling expressed in dark timbres and frequency-modulated patterns. Made for the dance-floor!

      • Ankur 03H30 Lost Theory, Berlin

        Creator of the berlin based Seres Music. Ankur has during many years helped and influenced the trance scene, among other things as a DJ for Noise Poison records, but also compiling cd’s for labels such as Mass Abduction (US).

        Well travelled around the world of psytrance; Ankur is a skillful dj who has played everything from big festivals (ie. Boom, FMF) to smaller underground events from Israel, Turkey, US and Mexico to Australia and India. As a producer he has released tracks on labels such as Free Radical, Noise Poison, Evil Knivel, Active Meditation, Fullmoon Records and others. An enthusiast in music production, event production, DJ’ing and generally everything he does.

      • Ain-Soph 05H00 Eargasm, Exogenic Records

        Belgian born Levi Morrens aka Ain-Soph started dj'ing in 2003, and quickly became a regular in the underground trance scene in his home country. In his very skilled mixing Ain-Soph is blending Finnish trance sounds from the spugedelic edge and experimental goa-/psytrance. He is striving to contribute to a more diverse psy trance scene by playing music from varied psy genres and outside of the formula boxes.

        In 2004 Ain-Soph started Materia Prima Collective to make the alternative party scene light up in Belgium. In 2006 he joined Pandemonium's dj team. As a Exogenic Records label dj he started up in 2008 and 2009 he hooked up with Eargasm as a resident dj at their anual open air festival. He is also Belgiums official promoter for freestyle psytrance label Freakdance Records.

      • Yani 06H30 Suntrip Records

        My name is Yani and goa-trance is my passion since I am 15 years old. After a few years of listening non-stop to this heavenly music I started as a dj in 2009.

        My favourite style is highly danceable melodic goa-trance, but in the morning I love to play more floating stuff as well. In the darker hours I can play more acidic, evil psychedelic goa-trance if that is wanted.

        In Belgium I am playing a lot since 2009 and this resulted in gigs on notorious parties such as Old is Gold, Troubles in Paradise, Suntrip Label Parties and even Once Upon A Festival. Many more gigs happened on more underground goa-parties.

        I am very motivated to play on parties and organisers can be sure I will always give the best of myself!

      • Strophoria 23H30 Unio Mystica

        You can expect very intense and powerfull psychedelic sounds with the intention to move every part of your body and soul while listening to it.

        Shifting from creepy darkish forest-noizes into a deep & complex vortex of masterly crafted sounds of the Universe.

        A voyage u won't forget anytime soon ;-)

      • R'Deem 22H00 Naturall Productions, Purple Snow

        Roscoe Deem has been interested in music for as long as he can remember. Growing up listening to artist like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Paradise Lost... He slowly developed his own taste in music and came in contact with electronic dance music at age of 16. Attending big techno parties he soon realized what a big part of the course of his life would be!

        His journey started out as a techno dj, where he mastered the skills needed to be a dj. After three years of playing raw pounding techno at established parties and playing beside artists like dj Rush, Claude Young and Marco Bailey his taste in music was changing and looked for newer horizons! He found the answers he was looking for in the more psychedelic and progressive scene to which he was introduced at the end of 2001.

        Nowadays he is definately one of the more frequently asked dj's in the Belgian progressive trance scene and one of the founding fathers of the Belgian progressive community with the Purple Snow Productions parties. His dj-bag is stashed with a wide selection of music, ranging in styles going from Electro, minimal, progressive house and psychedelic progressive to Psychedelic full-on : he knows how to use the right kind of track at the right kind of time… With gigs at Eargasm Open Air, Tshitraka (Ger), Indian Spirit (Ger), Experience/new year festival 2009 and 2010 (Koh Toa - Thailand), Ban Sabaii , Blackmoon Culture, Shivamoon, Jungle Experience (Koh Panghan - Thailand), Happy (Bel) and Tomorrowland (Bel) to show for.

      • Decoration by Neil Gibson - (CA)

        More info soon


      by KETALOCO & Roots of Minimal
      • Mark Henning 03H00 Soma Records, Berlin (DE)

        London’s Mark Henning has risen up as one of the underground’s true players – recording for a volley of acclaimed international labels. Born to English and German parents, he has spent most of his life in England, though has never forgotten his German roots and is now firmly settled in Berlin. Since quitting his city day job in 2007 he’s been nominated for a DJ Mag award, toured all over the world, released an album on legendary UK institution Soma Recordings and released countless well-received and heavily supported EPs and remixes.

        Mark’s productions have been making serious waves in the scene – anyone who’s heard his music will know he doesn’t abide by the book. Mark’s sound sits somewhere between house and techno, with a healthy dose of darkness, swing and funk – all the required ingredients to have the crowds busting crazy moves on the dancefloor. He has established his artist career not just through his productions – on well-regarded labels such as Soma, Cityfox, Watergate, Clink, Cynosure, Trapez and Freude am Tanzen – but also through his worldwide performances, having performed at clubs such as Fabric, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Rex Club, SPACE, Privilege, Bar 25, The Arches, Lux and Harry Klein, as well as festivals such as T In The Park, Rockness, Portugal’s BOOM, Vienna’s PraterUnser and Chocolate Festival Lausanne. Mark also plays regularly for Zurich favourite CITYFOX.

        Mark’s tracks have been licensed to COCOON, BUGGED OUT, FABRIC, M-NUS and WATERGATE compilations amongst others – as well as achieving regular airplay on radio stations worldwide. His much-respected productions have been supported and played out regularly over the past few years by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Akufen, Steve Bug, Loco Dice and Richie Hawtin. As a remixer, he also keeps busy – having reworked tracks by artists such as Mike Monday, Gaetano Parisio, Mr. G, Lee Jones, Tigerskin and Chris Fortier.

        With upcoming releases on Soma and Cityfox later this year, Mark continues to prove himself as a consistent producer of quality, quirky house and techno music.

      • Massimo Girardi 00H00 Aella Music, Rawthectic Music, Labyrinth Prod.

        Massimo Girardi, son of Italian parents and born in Belgium got in touch with music about 20 years ago. At the age of 11, he got his first dose of dance music and at age 14, he bought first compilation cd’s that featured hits from the biggest house clubs in Belgium and Ibiza. But it wasn’t until the age of 18, when he quit his professional football career with Anderlecht, that Massimo began to experience the true magic of house music. It was at this point that he realized music was his everything.

        At 19 years of age, he began performing in clubs and parties all over Belgium. He then realized that the only way to break the mold was to begin working on his very own productions. He soon teamed up with long time friend Hermanez and together they released his first EP on Monique Musique which was charted and supported by names such as Marco Carola, Gregor Tresher, Brothers’ Vibe to name a few.

        Nowadays, Massimo can be seen at some of the finest parties in Europe including the world famous “Circo Loco” parties in Belgium and Holland. He has had the pleasure to share the decks with artists such as Tanzmann, Carola, Arpiar, Zip, Baby Ford, Tania Vulcano, Jose de Divina and many more. Apart from his busy studio sessions and vigorous touring schedule, Massimo is also the current resident at Belgium’s famous Café d’Anvers.

        Make sure to check out Massimo's Dj-set on Studio Brussels!

      • don Santos 04H30 KetaLoco, Purple Edge Records

        He’s like the wind, never taking a break and traveling from east to west and north to south. It all started in Manchester, influenced by the many underground clubs! His Saturday routine was to go to the record stores and spending hours listening tunes. Manchester is like heaven for buying records so that was just the start of his musical adventure! Now he's just back from 2 years in Poland where he was playing for 48Agency. His sounds are peaktime music, with a twist of dark minimal, pumpin' tech-house classics …literally hypnotizing the people to raise their hands. The don selects music that gently whispers magical and pure tech sounds straight to your mind. He’s a true music junky, just like a drug, he enjoys playing with your mind.

        Recently he is releasing Techno and tech-house on a fast growing italian techno label "Frequenza Records". His first release on Frequenza had support from big names like Paco Osuna, Format:B, Mihalis Safras , Joseph Capriati , and many more... Nowadays he is still releasing on Purple Edge Records , Coincidence records , Frequenza records , and many to follow ...

        He played in places like FUSE (Brussels), Café d’Anvers(Antwerp), SILO (belgium), MAKE-UP Club (Gent), NOXX (the pearl of Belgian Club), LA ROCCA ballroom (antwerp Belgium), Resident of PACHA IBIZA on tour (Benelux) ,VIPASKA (Portugal), Pulse Factory (Belgium) , Zanzibar (Lviv Ukraine) , Freakseight EXPO center (Lviv Ukraine) , Tomorrowland 2009+2010 (Antwerp) , City Parade 2010 (Brussels) , Eargasm Open Air festival 2008+2009+2010( Belgium) , Forest Festival (Gent) , Relax Festival (Hasselt) , Decadance (Gent) , Tribes Gathering 2010 (Wallonia) , Space (Antwerp), Extreme (Belgium),Shaft (Belgium), Musicafé (Leuven), WaxClub (Brussels) , Kings Club (Aalst) , Karement, Boudoir Lounge, Intro, L’avenue, Kosmopol, Space club (Warszawa), Cinnamon (Warszawa), Klubo Kawiernia (Warszawa), Tomba Tomba (Warszawa), Vanilla Ice Club (Warszawa), Casino Club (Warszawa), Extravaganza (Warszawa) ,Le Tavernier (Brussels), Confashion (Warszawa) and many private after parties… He treats music and people with love!

      • Fady One 01H30 Zukunft

        Having always been passionate about music, Fady One started mixing in 2004. Encouraged by a friend to play her music Fady One immediately felt comfortable behind the mixing desks. However, it was not until three years later, with the launch of her first club night, that she took mixing more seriously.

        On a musical note, Fady One doesn’t want to define her style. She mixes what appeals to her and doesn’t want to feel restricted by classifications. Listening to music, she says, is like listening to people. It is a very personal thing and you can hear how the music whispers to you, talks to you, shouts at you or even cries. She compares discovering a new piece of music to meeting a person: with some people you feel an immediate connection. A few may even fascinate or bewitch you, whereas others appear to be empty and you are just not tuned to the same wavelength.

        Having always liked to organise events she felt that her own club night would not only be a fun thing to do but also give her the opportunity to play the music she likes for a bigger audience. Having started with less than 150 guests in a small bar in 2007, Soirées Secrètes (renamed Zukunft in March 2009) quickly developed into one of the most popular club nights in Brussels. The soirée is designed to offer artists the chance to express themselves and to share their passion for music and art with like-minded people. As a matter of fact, Zukunft regularly invites guest DJs, other musicians and bands as well as all sorts of artists who get the chance to expose their works. Amongst them were Undo, Spada, Luciano Pizzella, Davis & May, Opuswerk, Max Cooper, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nhar, Pierre, Cora Novoa, Van Hai, Deg, Darko... .

        In Brussels Fady One mixes at events such as Piknikelektronik, No Code, Wunderbar, Statik Dancing, Brussels4Paris, Vert Pop, Summer Club, Apéros Urbains and Tilt. Furthermore, she regularly plays in different locations amongst them are Café Central, Wax Club, Fuse, the Wood, Bozar, K-nal, Café Bota, Club des Halles, Mirano and Ancienne Belgique.

      • Nathan Oye 06H00 Lift Your Head Up, Document, SILO

        * Played at:

        • Fuse
        • Silo
        • Catclub
        • Brüxsel Jardin
        • High Needs Low
        • Document
        • Wood (Electric Park)
        • Mirano
        • In Wonderland

        * Alongside artists such as:

        • Âme
        • Lee Jones
        • Solomun
        • Brüxsel Jardin
        • Extrawelt
        • Motor City Drum Ensemble
        • Levon Vincent
        • Triple R
        • Oliver Hacke
        • Julius Steinhoff
        • Julius Steinhoff
        • Lawrence
        • Smallpeople
        • John Roberts
        • Christian Löffler
        • Mathias Aguayo
        • Mathias Meyer
        • Nhar
        • Till Von Sein
        • Hubble
        • NU
        • Moomin
        • Jason
        • Pierre
        • Igor
        • Geoff Wichmann
        • Mlle Caro
        • Fader
        • and more...

      • Arno Kenis 06H00 Lift Your Head Up, Document, SILO

        More info soon...

      • Madriko 22H00 Roots of Minimal, Plug In

        Madriko a.k.a. Korneel Glorieux was born and raised in a small village near Ostend (Belgium). It all began at the young age of 9, when he started playing classical guitar, mostly Spanish & Southern American music.

        After 10 years music school he went to the Conservatory of Music in Ghent, where he studied classical guitar and composition for 3 years. In his early teenage years, he already started exploring other instruments like keyboard, percussion and electric guitar in a few bands. It is obvious that he was influenced by a great deal of genres..

        Since 2007, Mádriko also spins the decks (minimal, minimal-house, tech-house, jackin' house) and took his first steps to produce his own electronic tracks. In 2009, he had his first chances to play in club 'Decadance' in his current hometown Ghent, where he now often plays. Other places and venues where he played are Silo, Braempoort, Tijuana, Montuno's, Latin Quarter, Club Basic, Appart K-Fée (Reims/France)...

      • Beazar aka Cole 22H00 Roots of Minimal, Plug In

        Now is the time for fresh tunes, filled with tight bassdrums, pushing basses, driving rythms and fancy melodies. Is this your thing, I'm your man - if it ain't your thing, you should consider changing religion real soon!

        He'll not only play these tracks just for you, he'll make 'm and even get artists from different parts in the world to come and play them for you. In other words, he deejays, produces and promotes parties that welcome the breakthrough artists of this time. The parties are thrown within the common denominator "Komprez".

        Under his previous alias "Cole" he has played in nearly every Belgian club and passed over stages of several festivals such as the Joe Piler stages on Rock Werchter, Dour, Les Ardentes, ... suck on that!

        So there you go, time for something new, first class electronic music, cooked to perfection, served ice cold and finished with a killer side dish!


      by Peer Pressure
      • Mike Dred 03H30 Rephlex, R&S records, Machine codes (UK)

        Mike Dred is a true legend of electronic music. He has produced records since 1990 and counts 210+ published works on over 50 commercial projects, on labels such as Rephlex Records, R&S Records, and his own recently revived imprint Machine Codes.

        He has performed in over 120 cities spanning 27 countries. Rough Guide publications ‘ The Rough Guide to Techno’, describes Mike as “The Jimi Hendrix of the 303” and “Full on Acid (Music) Genius”.

      • Dragos Rusu 01H30 Beatfactor (RO)

        When pondering about the reason as to why we indulge in music in general, Dragos Rusu (Reald Drum) realized that there was no particular reason behind it. Individuals who have the ability to comprehend proper dance music should consider themselves a part of an elite group.

        DJs who can paint the dance room with his or her music are rare and those who possess the power to control the crowd with world class precision, they are the masters who are respected and loved.

        He avoids judging musical styles since music can be defined as individual preference. It is also a form of art. We should all be open to new sounds and styles. His sets mirror his life. It is like an autobiography.

        Dragos Rusu likes coffee and cigarettes for no particular reason. He was born in the North Eastern of Romania and lately he moved to Bucharest to study Journalism and Sciences of Communication. For a few years now, he is the main editor and co – founder of Beat Factor (along side with his brother, Andrei), an international dance music online magazine (www.beatfactor.net).

      • Acid Kirk 02H30 WéMè, Re-load

        Composer, performer & dj since 93, he has released more than 25 records worldwide and is known for his compulsive musical ecclectism. a true sonic warrior, always experimenting unknown psychedelic territories.

        Cédric recently dusted off his Acid Kirk alter ego to reprise his experiments in the progressive acid techno domain and - for the next couple of years at least - will be DJing and performing this fresh material live at various events.

        A new EP titled "Out of the Blew" was released in February, co-produced by the labels WeMe and First Cask. This revival of interest brought a lot of new bookings and Acid Kirk is now back on the international scene, playing in main events in cities such as Den Haag (The Netherlands), Rome (Italy) or what could be seen as a consecration, a gig in the most world-famous organization of underground rave parties: Bangface (n°72) in the center of London (U.K.).

        Acid Kirk is listed on discogs.

      • Acid Mercenaries 05H00 That'safact

        More info soon...

      • X&Trick 07H00 Bug Klinik

        Belgian X&trick started out as a dj and party promoter in 1998. He was one of the first dj's to introduce new music styles like breakcore, industrial, braindance, hardcore and drill n bass into the Belgian underground scene. Meanwhile his main party called 'Dionysus' was known as the first party in Belgium where many of these new music styles clashed in one lineup..

        Things went fast and X&trick soon became known as one of Belgians mosted wanted dj's, during this period he traveled all around the country playing at most of Belgium's most legendary underground clubs and raves. It didn't take long before he played his first shows abroad and his first international gigs became a fact.. Around that time he was also getting more into his own productions and his first tunes were made.

        His liveset is not the usual "laptop" live, combining laptop, midicontrollers, fx and microphone.. and a portion of humor of course. 'I don't like to take myself to seriously' he says, 'but when i'm on a stage there's only one mission: connect with the audience and take them onto a musical journey, and i'm pretty damn serious about that!' His strong dj reputation, earned by years of experience and his unique, versatile and always innovating sound. With a fresh ear for contemporary music, he always seems to adapt to the mood of the night and the dancefloor.

      • Stoornis 06H00 Narcosis

        Stoornis is a 4 men live project that comes from the whomb of Narcosis. These 4 individuals have different musical background that vary from metalcore/hardcore over to electronics styles such as techno, hardcore, gabber, dnb. And still today they are constantly travelling the different roads in the musical landscape. A neverending search...

        They are equipped with some nasty pieces of analog madness and digital weapons that can wreck your ears. The sound can be described as mixture of hard acid with a touch of tekno and hardcore. They strongly believe in the strength of the TB303 accompagnied by a blasting kickdrum, twisting percussion and whatever they find useful for a liveset.

        Previous livesets contain X-Live (Gent), Bangface (UK), Retro Acid (BE), Bug Klinik (BE), Escape to Acid (BE), I Love Tekno (NL), Propulsion (NL), Acid Area (BE), Peer Pressure (BE), Tektron (NL), ...

      • Dj Sofa 00H15 La madame avec le chien

        Dj and vinyl victim since 1997.

        Cédric recently dusted off his Acid Kirk alter ego to reprise his experiments in the progressive acid techno domain and - for the next couple of years at least - will be DJing and performing this fresh material live at various events.

        "famous" people soFa shared the stage with: Luke Vibert, Coldcut, Aardvarck, Danny Breaks, Analogik, Wevie Stonder, Burnt Friedmann and Jaki Liebezeit, Mike Dehnert, Mouse on Mars, µ-ziq, Freeform, Animals on Wheels, Neil Landstrumm, Regis, Egyptian Lover, MLZ, Shackleton, Dj Rephlex Records, Bo Marley, Substance & Vainqueur, Ark, Rob Hall, Ovuca, Remarc, Ceephax, Errorsmith, Boxcutter, Subjex, Nautilis, 8fm, Andy Maddocks, Tim Exile, Einoma, Kelpe and others..

        countries played in: Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, UK, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland & Belgium.

      • Ninjato 23H30 Tigerbeat6, Caoutchou

        Ninjato likes to create fresh beats & melodies.

        In his early years of producing music he was mainly inspired by artists as Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, The Flashbulb, Wisp, Venetian Snares and many more alike.

        Over the years the music has changed and this is his GlitchHop, Future-beats, Wonky and Skweee-project (or whatever you wanna call it :-)).


      • Leftchest 22H45 Peer Pressure

        Shared the stage with artists as Aleksi Perälä, Slugabed, Gangpol & Mit, Baconhead, Montgomery Clunk, Bobby Tank, Coco Bryce, Halp, Ed Cox, Frog Pocket, Koolmorf Widesen, Herrmutt Lobby, Dijf Sanders, Spongemagnet, Pomrad, Ninjato, Stubborn & more

        Leftchest is the founding father of the notorious Peer Pressure parties & festival.

        He's been all kinds of electronic music since 2005. In 2011 Leftchest started dj'ing at several parties all over Belgium & at the Lost Theory Festival in Croatia.

        His style is very versatile, ranging from spaced out glitch-hop to post dubstep & challenging electronica.

      • Spad Banky 22H00 Caoutchou

        Is the founding father of one of Belgian's finest netlabels: Caoutchou records. Caoutchou (AOU) releases a wide variety of music (from early electronica to futuristic glitch-hop & synth-hop) so you hear this eclectisism in Spad's dj-sets.


      by TAKA TAKA & Balkan Circus
      • Turntable Dubbers 02H00 Nice up! Records


        With four hands on two decks and a lot of bravado, Timaxx & Drezz bring you a steamy blend of dub, roots, reggae, breaks and jungle, ragga, afro-, balkan- and latin-beats and other pieces of funkiness. Uptempo irie indeed.

        Their biographies (see below) can merely hint at it, but their knowledge of history of dance and world music -in particular of the bonds that tie those two together- is immense, as are their DJ skills and their love for a jolly good party.

        The Dubbers often take things to the musical underground, and then they'll make sure that their set appeals to the sometimes rather peculiar tastes of its inhabitants. But fear not, The Turntable Dubbers can turn into demagogic jocks as well because at heart, they are true populists who just love to please the crowd.

        In any case, they will always give you one hell of a party, carefully adding yet another beat or spaced-out echo to their musical mélange. This blend of styles is cooked to a climactic frenzy which will bring the audience to the very edge of rapture.

        See-I: Blow Up (Turntable Dubbers & Sebski remix)

      • Gaetano Fabri 00H00 Blue Gypsy

        Balkan , gypsy , jazz , funk , electro

        Impassioned jazz musician and percussionist from Brussels, DJ Gaetano Fabri popularizes gypsy music through the club scenes throughout Europe by blending clubbing culture with traditional music. Since 1991, known then under the name of dj Gaetan Decadance, Fabri was spinning on the techno house circuit of Belgium and France.

        But in 2000 he started his love affair with world music and began to fuse traditional music from the Tzigane or 'Gypsy' culture, Balkan brass bands of Eastern Europe, Klezzmer and Russian folk song.

        Fabri's remix of Siki Siki Baba by Kocani Orkestar, without a doubt the most incredible brass band Macedonian of this century, appears on the first volume of the now hugely popular Electric Gypsyland series and is a dancefloor favourite. A resident since 2005 at Divan du Monde (Paris) where, with his colleagues such as Dj Tagada and DJ Click, musical explorations rooted in gypsy culture hit the dancefloor.

        Fabri's desire to bring to life nights entirely dedicated to the culture of the Balkans on the international club circuit (Paris, Brussels, Barcelona...), brings him around the world touring both as a solo artist and with the magnificent Mahala Rai Banda from Romania.

      • Bunzero 04H00 Stainage

        Dubstep, techno, electro, house,..

        If you are frowning your eyebrows when reading the name BUNZERO you deserve an ass whooping. This man is the foundation of the Belgian dubstep scene on his own. Spreading and promoting the sound from day one he is the true pioneer.

        With his FOB show on Sub.fm and his worldwide dj sets he is still on top of the game today. Being a dj for more than 15 years he has been influenced by many styles and genres.

        In Order to BASS is a new mix concept of this master which is not strictly 140 bpm or pure dubstep but a fusion of techno, sub bass music, electro, house,...

      • Balkan Hotsteppers 22H00 Balkan Circus

        Balkanbeats, gyspsy, klezmer, hiphop

        Formed back in 2006 by Belgian DJ's Sam Rabam and Typsy Gypsy, the infamous Balkan Hotsteppers released trendsetting mixtapes on the internet. Combining modern beats with classical Balkan, gypsy and klezmer melodies and mashing it up with hip-hop, they soon became a standard in the evergrowing European BalkanBeats scene.

        Four years later they have played all over Europe: Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal. Their unique blend will take you on a eclectic trip to the balkans and beyond. Balkan Mashups, Klezmer Beats, Gypsy Punk, Russian Ska, Romano Hip Hop, Yugoslavian Brass Bangers,... P A R T Y ! ! !

      • Brownz 06H00 Broken Music


        At the age of 17 this kid is already one of the biggest dubstep producers to come out of Leuven.

        Championed by high profile dj’s like, Bunzer0, Kastor & Dice, Beezy, Lost and with sets all over the country the sky is the limit for this one.

        Definitely keep an eye out for Brownz, expect big things from this young belgian producer!


      by Nebula Lounge
      • Thiaz Itch 05H00 Proot Records (FR)

        Half-way between space-moogy-electronics and infantile naivety, this unstable character tells the musical stories of his coloured and toony universe. By his eclectic influences and his sound research, he intersects marrowy atmospheres and diabolic rhythmics, metal aggressiveness and puerile happiness, for finally producing a musical flow in constant mutation.

        He creates his own label Proot records with Tep and goto80 in 2006, so that funny, happy, funky and original music has its own place.

      • Aida Noridania 03H00 Eargasm

        The Eargasm Chill Out resident plays at almost every psychedelic festival or party in Belgium, as well regularly in the Netherlands, a magnificent story-teller, through music!

      • Ray VM 00H00

        More info soon...

      • Evad 22H00 Mixture

        Evad aka Dave Volkaerts has a profound love for deep- and trippy house, techno and ambient. A purist who runs the Mixture podcast series with contributions by Eric Cloutier and ESHU interspersed with his own mixes.

      • Tunguska 01H30

        More info soon..

      • Mojo Chill Connection 06H00 Malinas Machinas

        About: We please to set at ease

        Current Location: Malinas 015

        Artists we also like: Aes Dana, C-Mon&Kypski, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Flying Lotus, Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Entheogenic, Blockhead, Boxcutter, Bonobo, J.Dilla, Madlib, The Roots, Wu-tang, Dj Krush, Fink, Kruder and Dorfmeister,..........